Want a Sturdy Roof That Will Last?

Want a Sturdy Roof That Will Last?

Install metal roofing on your home in Rockwall, TX

Your roof protects your home and keeps it dry, so you'll want a roof that will hold up in all weather conditions. CTS Roofing & Construction installs metal roofing in Rockwall, TX. This kind of roofing resists fire, mold and mildew growth and more, and it can last for decades with proper care. With a metal roof protecting your home, you won't have to worry about a replacement any time soon.

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The benefits of metal roofing

Are you considering installing metal roofing? There are many reasons why homeowners choose these roofs. A metal roof is:

  • Durable — metal roofing lasts a lifetime
  • Fire-resistant — sparks won’t catch on your roof
  • Appealing — metal roofs come in many styles and colors

We’ll work with any brand you choose for your metal roof installation, and we’ll complete your installation quickly. Start planning your metal roof installation project today.